Sep 22, 2009

occupational hazards

I know I've only got one year's experience in the classroom but from my observations teaching is a dangerous job.

The Top Teaching Related Injuries/Ailments (unofficial)
  1. head aches/migraines
  2. paper cuts
  3. laryngitis
  4. UTIs
  5. fatigue
  6. the list goes on...what do you have to add?
Due to the limitations of my voice I was forced to stay home from work on Monday and Tuesday. Contrary to general belief the day at home is not completely relaxing. Whenever I stay home I feel immense amounts of guilt and am never really able to be away from school.

Tomorrow I will return to the classroom with or without my full voice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Mr. D said...


Eyawn said...

Completely agree when you say "filled w/ guilt" when missing days. When it hits 11:23, for example, I can't let go of the thought that 4th period is walking in to my classroom wondering why I left them w/ some stranger at the helm.

... The classroom's a germatropolis. From now til the end of winter, I think I'm gonna get my fill of fruits, vitamins, and emergen-c. I kinda like you kids, but get your germs off me.

Krizia said...

@Mr. D, haha a UTI is a urinary tract infection.

@Ms. A, I hope you're feeling better and that your first day back went well today :)

@Mr. G, even though I'm not as gung-ho as you are about teaching, I really do get that "filled w/ guilt" feeling whenever I have to be away from my kids. One of the worst feelings in the world...