Sep 17, 2009

Class Quirks

Pinelope (see upper right corner, and read this post if you don't get it)

I like bringing joy into my classroom. I like making the kids laugh as much as I like challenging them. Every class should have its quirks. Personally, I don't remember much about 7th grade except for silly, unusual things like Sheldon: a grey stuffed Koala my teacher would leave in the front of the classroom. She used to tell us that even though she's sitting at her desk, Sheldon would be watching and he'd tell her everything that went on after class while we were out at recess or lunch. Hopefully, when my kids are 23 years old, they'll look back on 7th grade and, if nothing else, will remember Pinelope: the little red push pin that keeps our class as silent as a mouse, during the appropriate times, of course :)

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Dan Callahan said...

I was just thinking this morning about how important it is to have those kinds of quirks because of the way you remember them. My 4th grade teacher's favorite candy was Mr. Goodbar.