Feb 28, 2010

I'm a pro at crastinating

I've decided to make a website for my program Capstone project. Really had to fight the temptation to use Angelfire or Geocities (how sad!). Yep, AsianAvenue all the way.

Feb 4, 2010

We Can't Sit Still

6th period...

Student A: ::Shakes body with ruler in hand as if he's having a seizure::

Student B: ::Tapping ruler on desk::

Student C: ::Whistling::

Student D: ::Grabs student B's pencil to play keep away::

Student B: ::Stops taping ruler to retrieve pencil::

Me, thinking to self: "I can't believe I have to live through 5 periods worth of freshmen doin' this type of thing every day." So I voice: "Man, you freshmen got so much energy. I can't match it everyday."

Student C: "Yeah, it's like we in kindergarten."

Me: "Yeah, I agree.... cept, the thing about kindergarteners... at least they're cute."

Student D, directing comment to Student C: "OoooooOooo, Mr. G just called you UGLY!"

In response, Student C: "Yeah, you too."

Feb 1, 2010

Faculty Meeting Pet Peeves

3 come to mind at the moment:

1. Old school veterans who absolutely have to preface anything they say w/ "You know, I've been teaching for 15, 20, 25+ years, and... [insert comment here]"
-You're a wily vet and I respect that. But do you really have to say it every time?
-[Or maybe I'm just jealous cus my 2.5 pales in comparison to theirs.]

2. Presenters w/ text-heavy or animation-heavy powerpoint slides.
-Today's professional development crew presented slide after slide that looked a lil' something like:

-Quick message for you: Just b/c you're using powerpoint does not make your presentation more effective and professional. Your audience is silenced not b/c we are enthused over your amazing new methods but rather b/c we are bored to death.
-I heart this comedian for speaking some truth.

3. The phrase "research-based."
-Not only that, said powerpoint users appended the word "research-based" to virtually every sentence. "And, you know, all of this is research-based!" Congratulations on whatever research article you read, but we educators don't get automatic edu-turned-ons just cus you're droppin' that word.

... Sorry, but had to get that out...