Sep 23, 2009

Keep 'em full, keep 'em focused

Another snapshot from my classroom...

my laptop (check out what's opened up on my desktop) + fuel for the day

"Keep 'em full, keep 'em focused." That's the Frosted Mini Wheats motto, and doesn't it apply as much for teachers as it does for the kids?

Since two of our lovely teachers/SupTeach bloggers were out sick this week, I thought perhaps I'd write a post on a few essentials that I hope will help you people stay strong and healthy in the classroom this year.

A few things I always have on hand are:
  1. an apple or orange, or some other type of fruit (sliced up peaches, pineapples or mangoes)
  2. Frosted Mini Wheats or some other carb (like Graham crackers or pretzels)
  3. a calcium (yogurt, milk, cheese, etc.)
  4. a protein (turkey/ham/roast beef sandwich, chicken, eggs, peanuts, roasted/smoked almonds, etc.)
  5. Emergen-c or Airborne
  6. lots and lots of water
  7. hand sanitizer (I use it between every single period... nevermind the chances that I'm just lowering my own immunity.)
  8. at least ONE bathroom break between the start of school and the end of the day (raise your hand if you've found yourself going the ENTIRE day without having gone to the bathroom at least once? [raises hand... I totally did not go to the bathroom since 6:20AM today, and it's now 3:23PM EST])
Post on lunch-making and packing tips tomorrow! :)
As we care for the mind, so must we care for the body!

mmm... dericious <3

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