Sep 1, 2009

A Fresh Start

New York City schools resume on September 8th and I for one am excited for all the possibility that lies ahead.

Teaching lends itself to a clear beginning and end. This work gives me an opportunity to redefine myself each year. I am not a first year teacher anymore (thank God!). My new batch of students have no idea what to expect from me. I can toss out all the practices that didn't work for me, I can improve upon what worked well, and I can try new strategies! The classroom is my oyster.

There is still a lot of work to do, but after a restful and oh-so-fun summer I am up for the task.

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Eyawn said...

I agree w/ you. I've thought about it before - where else are you able to get a fresh start completely on a yaerly basis, other than w/ teaching. Another upside to this job, along w/ the long summers! Hope you're milking the rest of it for all it's worth!

Good luck Kristine!