Mar 27, 2009

Money Money Money

My super organized "Book Club" closet :)


I highly recommend that you be proactive about applying for them. Especially if you work in a high needs, low-income school.

It's only my first year teaching. Yet so far, I've applied for and been granted about $5,100 worth of funding for my classroom! This has gone entirely to textbooks, new novels, technology, and supplies we didn't have before but desperately needed in order to further our learning.

Today, I was surprised to read an email that another of my proposals was just funded: speakers for our classroom laptop so that we can actually HEAR the audio every time I show clips to make teaching points about foreshadowing, mood, flashback, prediction, setting, or characters, or to be able to listen to our "Brain Music" whenever we're doing independent work. Thank you, thank you Jeff for giving us the gift of sound!

Thank you to my other wonderful sponsors as well. Though nothing can make up for your generosity and the world of opportunity you have opened up for my scholars and myself, I do hope that our small "thank you" pictures and letters have expressed our immense gratitude for your gift of a better education, and thus, a better life.


Get started at or

Do it for the kids! No one else will :)


Mr. D said...

What do you consider "brain music"?

Richelle said...

congrats krizia!

i don't know what it is about that picture, maybe the doors opening or maybe the colors or maybe just the books, but i really like it.

hope more teachers and students are able to get these kinds of materials as well. more power to you all.

April Isabel said...

Congratulations! This is so amazing!

Krizia said...

Thanks guys! :D We actually had a fundraiser event this past weekend and raised close to $5,000. All the profits will go to our neediest classrooms. So more teachers and more students WILL be able to get materials as well :)

Mr. D, our "Brain Music" is whatever comes up on my Pandora Debussy and Claire De Lune radio stations. Our classroom is literally like a cave. It's always 40 degrees F no matter how many times I contact Physical Plant. There are no windows. When it gets quiet, it gets REALLY quiet and ironically, we find the supreme silence to be a bit eerie and disconcerting. Erego, the "Brain Music." I didn't think they'd take the independent practice "pin drop" noise level so seriously haha.