Mar 4, 2009

Monday, Rainday, Whineday

Monday mornings are too early for a lesson on modern feminism.

It’s rainier than ever, but I just found out that New York schools had a snow day today. I guess a little rain isn’t something to complain about. A little rain is a big privilege. We pull into the parking lot, and N is waiting patiently in the rain. He seems excited to see me (or us – not sure which); I think I’ve mentioned before how Mr. G. made N out to be a quiet guy, but N stood dripping in the rain waving at us as though to greet us a ‘Happy Monday’. We find shelter in the cold portable classroom, and he and I speak some more about books. I tried to bite my tongue about my personal opinion about “Twilight” (that is, about how I find it degrading to women and a step backwards for feminists of the 21st century). He's only 15, and I still have the rest of the semester. Feminist speeches will come later.


Not enough paper, not even to patch up leaky rooftops.

There’s a leak in the classroom. Mr. G. could do little besides toss a stack of newspapers onto the desk which already developed a small puddle of rainwater. Very 'Adam Sandler' in "Big Daddy."

Mr. G. also shared with students the unfortunate fact that many teachers are now being denied to make photocopies. Due to budget problems, the school no longer has enough paper to go around. Mr. G. is now asking that students bring their textbooks to class, bring lined paper to class, and copy problems from the board.

The class erupted in sighs, groans, expletives, and "but, but, but...!".

This is cheesy, but would you like some with that whine?

I oftentimes still consider myself a kid, but here's my 'grandma' soapbox: Back in my day, our school had neither lockers nor class sets of textbooks. Bring your books to class, kids. Learning is a privilege.

And another thing: Paper, too, is a privilege. Teachers, I'm sorry that besides lessons plans, kids who mouth off, parent conferences, and lion-taming, you have to convince your kids that Paper Doesn't Grow on Trees... but you'll survive. You'll adapt. You'll grow! I believe in you.

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