Mar 13, 2009

Have A Drink On Me

A cool perk of my job is getting free food and drinks (non-alcholic 99% of the time) at events I work. A number of times I've been given gifts like bottles of wine from folks showing their appreciation. Every year I attend an event at a well known private Catholic school and they always offer speakers an array of wine or beer to drink on the spot (I'm not talking PBRs or Two Buck Chuck either). Many of the school's faculty members even partake in the drinking. I always respectfully decline drink offers while on the job but can't help but think about the contrast between my visits to private schools like one I was at earlier this week and ones at public high schools. I could never see Mr. G offering me a Heine on the job if I were to hypothetically speak to his class (hell, I could never see Mr. G offering me a Heine at a local pub). Either way, I'm pretty sure it's against the law at publicly funded institutions, budget cuts not withstanding.


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