Dec 8, 2009

when will that be an option?

"Should I bring work home tonight?" asks E, my co-coach, before we pack up for volleyball practice. I shrug. E (who is in her fourth year of teaching) decides against a night of grading, I grab the volleyballs, and we head to the gym to meet our team of eager but inexperienced volleyballers.
Fellow teachers, faithful readers, and friends I am about to fold. Christmas is 17 days away, (yes, I have a countdown widget) which means only 11 more teaching days. I am tired. I want to go home. I am ready for a break.

When will bringing work home be an option for me? Because right now it is a given: a day at school is followed by a night of work.


Eyawn said...

I've been thinking about this post, and here's what I do to make home work an option:

1. Keep everything digital (so, I can go back to it next year and simply improve rather than recreate)
2. Steal everyone else's stuff (so, I plan less)
3. Spot check do-nows for credit.
4. Have my TA grade HW on a "completion" scale (so, goes fast).
5. Really, really grade only quizzes... which I do on Sunday.

When you go back to teaching a class you've already taught, it makes the planning process much easier, I'd say. Minimizing time for grading to only the stuff that'll really really help em' out is also good. A strong weekend block of planning so the entire week is set makes my weeknight work optional... I don't know if it'll apply to you but I just wanted to share what works for me!

9 teaching days til winter break. Single digits!

Kristine Dahl said...

Thanks :)

I know I'll get there someday...