Dec 10, 2009

Feeling Green

Everyone else in the 10th grade Algebra II class seemed to have finished the math problem. They listened patiently to S, who was called upon by the teacher.
I have a bag of 3 red apples, 1 green apple, a lime, 4 tomatoes, and an orange. What is the probability that if I pull out 3 fruits, 2 of them will be green?
Finally, the teacher walked through the problem with her.
T: "How many fruits are there total? How many fruits do you want? How many green fruits are there?'
S: "10...3....... 1."
T: "Is there only one green fruit?"
S: "Yes. An apple." *The class laughs*
T: "S, what color are limes?"
*"Green!" her neighbor whispers'*
S: "OHH..." She proceeds to get the question correct.
As it turned out, I got the question wrong myself. I can never remember if limes are yellow or green: in my family, our citrus consist of lemons, calamansi, and dalandan. Over-sized calamansi with green insides are called limónes.
English can be tricky sometimes -- even in a math class.


Sue VanHattum said...

Not everyone would know a tomato was a fruit. That question requires an awful lot of non-mathematical knowledge. :^(

Anonymous said...

There could have been green tomatoes too.