Oct 20, 2010

So Much Hate

I have a boy who thinks everyone hates him. A boy who thinks his parents hate him, I hate him, and his classmates hate him. A boy who will yell and burst into tears of frustration if anyone tries to point out the fact that he is not following directions.

He is EXPLOSIVE. The class walks on egg shells around him.

And here is my dilemma. Why should we have to do that? I have analyzed this situation many times hoping to find an explanation for his behavior. How convenient would that be if I could link his behavior to turmoil at home... but that is not the case. Here is what I know: His parents don't hate him, I don't hate him, and his classmates don't hate him. There is something within this kid that is raging, and I don't know why.

But there are 27 other kids in the class. Kids who are going through their own battles. And they are still genuinely trying to help him. I am trying to help him. But he doesn't see it as help. He sees it as an attack. And he attacks back.

I will keep trying to help you. I promise I won't give up on you. But I will not sweep 27 kids under the rug, for you.


Katie said...

Wow, that is a tough situation to deal with. I would suggest referring him for an evaluation by the school psychologist for possible emotional disturbance. He may benefit form emotional support services outside the classroom.

emilyn said...

Hi! His mom actually took him to get evaluated by a doctor today. The doctor told him he needs to defend himself when he gets bullied.


It's like the doctor pretty much told him its ok to physically fight back. He is not getting bullied. He will fight though. Not good!

Definitely a work in progress but the great thing is that we are all doing everything we can to help him.