Oct 21, 2010

So Much Hate (part 2)

He tells his parents he is getting bullied. I have yet to see anyone threaten or intentionally harm him. If anything, he is the one who does things that scare the other kids. I don't want to sound like I'm being one-sided, but everything I am saying is coming from what I have seen from him... EVERYDAY. But at the same time, I don't think he is simply telling blatant lies. He really does BELIEVE that people are out to get him. And that is what sucks. Big time.

I have a conference set up with his parents and the principal on Monday.

I am worried for this kid.


Eyawn said...

Good luck with your conference tomorrow! Hold your ground and don't be afraid to share what you must. The parents will be thankful for it, I'm sure. Maybe not initially, but they will. And so will your 2nd grader.

emilyn said...

Thanks! The conference got pushed back to this upcoming Monday (since I was sick this past Mon). She surprised me with a 20 minute phone call this evening though. lol