Nov 11, 2009

Teachers Are Liars Unto Themselves

Veteran's Day is a teacher oasis, as close as we come to a fringe benefit, a professional treat in a profession where weeks pass with only occasional sweetness. I've been thinking about it since last week, but I thought about it the most on what has become a regular Sunday, one where the whole week of things that I've put off grows like mold on bread, and on Monday, I just eat around it to stay alive.

Now I realize that I am generalizing, because perhaps I just have some deep personal issues around organization, preparation, or general responsibility (I like to think of myself as unboundedly curious about the organic nature of day-to-day life; a virtue in some cultures), but allow me the release: I LIE TO MYSELF, PERPETUALLY, UNABASHEDLY, CONVINCINGLY.

I commit myself to the notion that I will work, truly labor, on this day when I have a choice to avoid anyone aged 16. But here I am, grinning stupidly, at how beautiful a fall day is in the Bay. So I lie, and cheat, and steal from my own sanity.

But I need to, and that is simple and unavoidable. There is plenty of brown, non-moldy space on my bread for tomorrow. I guess there's always this weekend.


Krizia said...

Welcome to SupTeach! Very well-written and honest post. Looking forward to reading more :)

Eyawn said...


If it means anything to you, I haven't done jack shit today. And don't intend to.