Nov 2, 2009

Keep Swimming, Friends

1. Would you rather:

a. Get up at 5:45am, pour a cup of coffee, finish up lesson plans, then get ready for work.
b. Stay in bed.

2. Would you rather:

a. Spend half of Sunday lesson planning for the week.
b. Head out to the park for sports and friends.

3. Would you rather:

a. Make parent phone calls home for students who're slippin' off the map.
b. Cook dinner, eat dinner, and enjoy those quality chill 'after-work' hours.

4. Would you rather:

a. Deliver a lesson plan to the class after lunch.
b. Play a movie so you can veg out on the interwebs.

5. Would you rather:

a. Track down the student you see cutting class.
b. Keep walking straight to the faculty room for your copies.

If you're trending towards b for the majority of 'em, you're feeling exactly like me. Keep swimming, friends. 2 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break. Then, Christmas is around the corner. Then, it's all downhill from there!


Kaycee said...

And that break can't come soon enough!

Only I spent all Friday night, most of Saturday, and all of Sunday on schoolwork and I am not sure my 18 month old even knows who I am anymore....... but teacher's are overpaid and underworked right??? :)

mollymaureen said...

Do you mean to tell me the Sunday was not CREATED for grading papers? Are you suggesting that there are OTHER things to do on Sunday? OMG! Where did my life go?

Anonymous said...

It's always good to hear that I'm not alone! Check this out... it reminds me of this:

Eyawn said...

Your stories are sad, funny, and comforting all at the same time. We're in it together, friends. Almost there!