May 11, 2009

Is hip hop poetry?

Yes and YES.

I never thought I'd be using Talib Kweli to teach my kids about rhyme, repetition and alliteration. But that's what I'm doing tomorrow, audio/video and all (my street in Harlem where I live is actually in his music video and so is the 1 train - the train the kids and I take every day to/from about text-to-self connections).

Excuse me for a second while I pat myself on the back for making this poetry unit something they're invested in and can connect with.

In the future, when you hear about a really popular hip hop/spoken word group called Young Fresh Kids, you should know that it all started in Room 100 in the Bronx in Ms. S' class.



April Isabel said...

(man grunt.) HOO HOO HOO!! Go Krizia!

quizzle said...

oustanding. you should connect with Urban Word