Apr 9, 2009

"read these poems please"

[We had a really successful poetry slam on the last day before Spring Break in NYC (Wednesday). It was AMAZING...one of the best teaching days I've had. I was very surprised and taken aback by my student's willingness to put themselves and their words out there. Even more, I was stunned at the level of depth and maturity that their poetry possessed. Coming home from a night out on the town, I checked my email just now to find a pleasant surprise. One of my 6th graders sent me an email about 2 hours ago. Here's his message plus two of the five poems he attached that he wrote himself. Cuteness overload. Please enjoy the work of a self-proclaimed future doctor :]

dear ms. s,

read these poems please
from jordy these are my homework


By: Jordy

No more

No more judging

No more separation

We are one

We are all the same

Maybe not outside

But in the inside we are

We are one

We are all one family

No more

No more judging

No more racism

No more nothing


[here's another one he wrote that I really like]


By: Jordy

You feel trap in a closet

You feel all alone

Like no one loves you

You feel like there is no one around you

You feel like no one just care

You just feel alone

You feel that closet getting bigger and no one around

You feel your braking point


You feel like your family is never there

You feel ALONE

Until finally you are out of that dark closet

You finally don’t feel ALONE

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