Jun 9, 2011

Compliments and Middle School Teachers

I had an evaluation meeting with my supervisor and colleague about my performance as a student teacher. One of the things said about me during the meeting was, "she has such a middle school personality."

Hopefully they meant "middle school teacher" personality and not "middle school" personality.

At any rate, that comment had me floating on Cloud 9 all day. My colleague did not say it in a particularly praising (or otherwise) manner, but I will take it as a compliment. I interpret it to mean that my ever-evolving teaching personality contains a bit of patience, strictness, wackiness, and a love for middle school students' quirkiness. Perhaps this is my interpretation of the statement because I know that I want to teach middle school students and this is is the personality type that I'm aiming for in order to teach middle school. I haven't yet had enough long streaks of teaching on my own for me to have enough of a meta-understanding of how I interact with my students or how they perceive me...

Also, this may or may not be what my colleague meant when he made that observation, but I'm willing to live with the ambiguity.

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