Feb 8, 2011

Convert Keynote to Powerpoint

Hello edublogosphere,

My colleagues and I have recently taken our collaboration to a new level through dropbox. We are ecstatic and encourage all teachers to give it a looksee if you haven't already.

Quick question, though - does anyone out there know how to mass convert keynote slides to powerpoint format? I already know you can convert individual slide sets into .ppt through keynote, but I'd like to convert MANY (I'm talking hundreds) and converting each set one-by-one sounds like a tedious task.

Can anyone help a brotha out!? I just wanted to give it a try! I know this type of question request has been successful before. You guys rock!

~Mr. G


LauraDS6 said...

In theory, couldn't you just convert the entire presentation at the end from Keynote to PPT? Go to File>Export and you'll have the option. Sorry if I'm missing the point of your question, but this immediately came to mind.

Eyawn said...

Yes, but say I'd like to convert 100 keynote files into powerpoint. Is there a way I could do so without repeating the "File -> Export" process 100 times?