Jan 20, 2010

Math + Sports = RAAAAAAD

First, props where props are due: Dan Meyer, the creator (for all intents and purposes) of Math Basketball, a versatile masterpiece applicable for all teacher needs, whether it be formative and summative, or if you are just feelin' lazy and need to kill some time without resorting to a worksheet.
It is the teacher's dream: lively competition and ACTUAL practice, good and real, working in concert to make something as dreary as the properties of special quadrilaterals seem like an on-the-edge-of-your-seat NBA thriller... yes, dramatic, I know.
But if there is anything at which the Youth of America excel, it's getting bored of even the most riveting of academic games.
So to feed the insatiable beast: Welcome to Math Football, Math Soccer, and today's newly minted gem, Math Tennis.
Understand that I am not that creative:
Step 1: Use Math Basketball rules... I like to play teacher vs. class.
Step 2: Replace shooting points with juggles on a soccer ball, football through a hula hoop, or rallies against the wall.
Step 3: Be prepared to get a pretty solid proportion of math practice to youthful energy and enthusiasm.
I will be the first to admit that you can and will lose some time to off-task endeavors... accusing the teacher of cheating (most common), maybe even a tennis ball inappropriately directed towards you.
However, I ask you, in those times, to pay attention to the quality of work and dedication during those two minutes of focus, as well as the palpable joy that grows from building a loving and fun community during those moments of chaos.
Sure beats a worksheet.


Krizia said...

First game of trashketball begins Monday. I'm ready, yo.

Boolykhan said...

Rad... trashketball is definitely the most fun. who doesn't love doing what they want to be doing during class anyways?

good luck, let me know how it turns out.