Oct 6, 2009

Speed Dating

I switched classrooms this year. The new space is in a more centralized location, making every other classroom only a hop, jump, and skip away. It's intimate, has a rustic feel, and I've grown to love it.

However, I did give up a portable near the parking lot (great for either quick escapes away sroom or speedy entrances into the classroom), with a top-of-the-line thermostat (the new a/c is a bit weak and slow to take effect), excessive whiteboard space, many many cupboards, and pushpin walls.

Lastly, the place was HUGE. I coulda easily transformed that place into a night club if I wanted. Along those lines, one friend suggested I hold my birthday celebration in the classroom to take advantage of the space before I'd be forced to relinquish it. Speed dating, she suggested. Order something for dinner, grab some wine, face desks to each other, set some structure, and give all my friends one-on-one time with each other!

Whether in jest or not, the idea was intriguing. And now, after reading this post, I look to put this idea into effect with my real classes.

Check the post! At the end of the day, these are the type that keep me coming back to teacher blogs. Thanks, @K8Nowak!

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Kristine Dahl said...

I cannot wait to be the kind of teacher who shares her kick butt classroom techniques with the readers of ST?