Aug 9, 2009

Less Than A Month Away

...before the marathon begins once again. It´s been all quiet on the SupTeach front, but I anticipate a need to get thoughts down on blog on the horizon.

I´ve still been keeping up w/ your blogs too, and just to get us warmed up, here´s a fantastic quote found on dy/dan:

The teacher and the student listen to different music and wear different clothes and worry about different problems but curiosity unites them.

Even though I´ve been halfway across the globe since the day after the last day of school and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to rest, relax and re-energize, that´s the type of thing you read and cannot help but be reinspired to re-enter the classroom.

Happy Summer y'all. Feliz verano para todo. Milk the rest of it for all its worth.

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