Feb 9, 2009

The Reason Why I Edublog

I've called this edublogging not because our url contained 'edublog' but because we combine the words 'education' and 'blog' and come up with something new. Because blogging and edublogging are quite different things, at least it is for me.

This here is my space to share experiences that're likely not unique to me. In another edublog, the author had reached that all too familiar crossroads where the question "to teach or not to teach" becomes most relevant. In considering other career paths, he acknowledges that he does not necessarily seek to remain in the same field, but he does hope for a profession where purpose, passion, and experience are shared by many. Further, he notes that there might be no other.

Last year, other teachers' (whether it be with colleagues at school, classmates in credential class, or my OTF family) were my main lifeline. My space for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and venting. Entering the edublogosphere provided auxiliary support - a STRONG auxiliary support. Amazing how so many think thoughts, live lives, have experiences so similar to mine (I'm talking globally) - at a time I desperately sought sympathy from from friends, family, and community, this was HUGE. Amazing how so many are so willing to help; they understand me like I understand them.

I'm sure this can apply in many ways in many contexts, but with teaching, it rings so true.

And this is why I edublog, this is why this collablog exists. This is a shared experience. Through edublogging, I'm further connected to the vast community before me. In a job where the daily grind can feel so isolated, this community is what helps me breathe.

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